Today is my favorite person's birthday(o´艸`)
He mame is taka
He is menber of the "one ok rock"

Do you know "one ok rock"?

He is vocalist( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

I like taka very much
His song make me so happy(*´ω`*)
So I hope He become happy and successful life

happy birthday taka!!!
and I love you


Happy new year!!
How are you?

I went to shrine when came new year 

Because it will happy this year!

My parents bought me an Amulet of academic.

I drew a sacred lot

And then I was Suekichi!!

I catch a happy 

I make a lot of memories this year

My birthday and School trip and athletic festival and badminton's meet and school festival and exam and excursion and road race contest and ball game rally and Christmas....

There were many many events this year!!
And very very fun!!

I want to many places this year!!

But I had sick many times 

That reminds me, next year I am at an age that is believed to bring bad luck 

So I have a ceremony at a shrine to drive away "bad luck"

Even so It was very nice year 

I hope that live a happy life next year.
Have a good new year